Global Connection

The IMJA initiates and facilitates communication among national Messianic Jewish alliances and international ministries in support of the global Jewish community.

National Development

The IMJA develops and supports individual national Messianic Jewish alliances and assists them in providing support for both congregations and individuals.

Personal Support

The IMJA encourages the spiritual growth of and among Jewish believers and shares the joy of the hope we have in God.

What Others Are Saying

TThe International Messianic Jewish Alliance (IMJA) serves as a partner in communication and ministry development for the national Messianic Jewish Alliances and other ministries and missions to Jewish people around the world.  We seek to represent the common interests of Jewish believers throughout the world and support all of our brothers and sisters that they may live a more abundant life for the glory of God.

We seek to care for the spiritual and material welfare of all Jewish believers and to maintain, among the Jewish people, a witness to Yeshua, the Messiah. whose coming was foretold repetitively in Biblical prophecy, especially Isaiah 53 and Daniel 9…who was, who is, and who is to come again.

Membership in the IMJA is open to all Jewish believers in Yeshua, as well as believers in Yeshua who claim a Jewish heritage and identity, who accept the Word of God as contained in the Old and New Covenants and fellowship with other believers in a community of faith.